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This deviation was deleted

Hi My name is Aura Dawn. Am a 3D artist as well versed in Glamor, Fashion, and Illustrative Photography. Believe that critiques should be done to help the artist improve her or his artistry and not be a statement of well done.

You are right, the model has nothing to do with the taking of the photograph. From start to finish it is up to the photographer to make the model appear special. Was not going to critique this picture as you have requested critiques on all of your work, but because of your statement and after viewing your other pictures believe that should.

You have showed me in your other pictures that you are capable of producing decent if not good shots. This one you have failed the model. The harsh lighting on such a small breasted woman doesn't work. Having her left arm block her buttocks which would have given symmetry to her, but instead made it look like her stomach is extended. Looking at her reflection and her, it is near impossible to tell she has a figure which we know she does. If your going to have a mirror reflection, make sure it enhances her figure, not take away. Look at this picture hard, try to find her figure in the reflection. Know that I am nearly blind, but still should be able to discern it, instead within the reflection her backside looks huge and her hips are non existent.

Am really sorry but if you are lucky enough to talk a model into posing partially nude, make sure the work you give her for her portfolio is enough to enhance that portfolio.

I know you will not accept this critique, as I have not been kind but have been honest, Still as an artist, professional fashion/glamor photographer as well model, I feel you should read this critique and next time do the model justice.
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APreppyPhoto Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
I appreciate the honesty and that you have provided your opinion.

However, your "critique" has become more about what you find ideal in an image by picking the runt of the litter. You said yourself that I had images "capable of ... decent if not good". So why not elaborate on those instead of what bugs you the most and wasting both yours and my time?

If you are nearly blind, then what gives you the right to critique others work when you don't see fault in your own? Your own photos and manipulations are juvenile at best, and are hardly the work of someone who is "well versed in Glamor, Fashion, and Illustrative Photography". Had you critiqued my work with a wider selection of images or high quality port like many I see on Mayhem, I would take you seriously. Because you haven't, I cannot see you as a legitimate part of the photography industry. You're no better than any Guy With Camera out there trolling Craigslist to put yourself above someone else.

For whoever hurt or wronged you in the industry, turn around, walk the other way, and dust those chips on your shoulder in someone else' direction. I shoot for pleasure, as a hobby that is only 6 months old and I've never seen a dime from anything I've created. What you get to see if all free so it's a next-to-thankless job. I paid her to model, so all I got was the opportunity to practice. You say I wronged her, but there are PLENTY of other photos she works with for her to select from, so shitty images from me are pennies in a millionaire's pocket.

Do yourself some justice and get that stick out of your sorry rear-end and get real about life.

But hey, thanks for the Critique!!! :thumbsup: ;)
Aura-Dawn Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
The reason critiqued that picture was stated. If you know a picture is great, then why ask for a critique. So I waste your time and mine. Ok, it didn't cost you a dime did it. The critique was not about my work was it. There is no claim on my site that my work is above average or great. In fact am not satisfied with my work and strive everyday to make it better. You can critique it if you want. And yes it is just my opinion which isn't worth anything or is it?

It's kind of you to share your work for free on DA, It's not totally a thankless job, or you and I wouldn't do it. Do I get my self off talking down to people, I suppose that is what you are saying. The answer is no. I only do it to help. For a number of years I was in the fast pace business of glamor. But not now. And no it wasn't the industry that hurt me. In fact the industry was very good to me, I earned quite a bit from it. But one has to be physically fit to stay up on it. Unfortunately life didn't have that in store for me and that is all right. There is no stick up my ass or chip on my shoulder.

Get a real life. Thanks, will consider that when they find me a new heart.

and your welcome for the critique.0
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