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Hi. At first glance the picture is very enticing as though you are drawn into the world of faerie.

But there are some problems that I see. First is the use of the camera. While the fairy on the right is in focus, the one on the left does not appear to be. Perhaps it is my eyes or intended soft focus but if it is meant to be soft focus then both should be soft.

A major fault is the shadows. Notice how your characters' shadows are back and to the left, notice the shadows of your forested background. They are forwarded and to the right. Yes I know the background is a static background, but if you are going to use a photograph or pre-made backgrounds you need to match the shadows. If you add shadows in Photoshop or Corel, you should blur them. Notice how harsh the shadows are of the fairies and how soft they are on the fairy.

Also the background has fall folage while the foreground is green

You did well in adding the colors of the magic to the fairies face and body. You also did well in the overall balance of the scene.

Please do not think am being harsh but only pointing the obvious.
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cyanthree Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
your comments are all fair, although the focus was intended on the right hand fairy as the left one does stand slightly further back, but from the camera angle its a bit hard to see.

the shadows I was aware of and will most likely redo to correct the problem.

the fall foilage also I was aware of, I wanted a bit more background colour other than green, but it maybe didnt work quite as well as I would have liked, although most of the foreground folage is green it was more grass and bushes which don`t turn in the fall, but the background failed to show the larger patches of the same green that I had hoped.

I`ll do a version 2 of this image at some point however.

and the comments are welcome
Aura-Dawn Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
If you want the focal point to be on the right fairy you should move her slightly more toward the center that way the eyes will fall on her. You noted that you use photoshop. In your fore ground there are a number of green leaves, take them and give them a fall color, it will make it look more natural. Also I would suggest moving the left hand girl farther back so she is a little more blurred. I don't know how much you know about setting the camera in poser. The fstops or the time as well as well as the lens size. It's easy once you learn how.

I critiqued your picture, would you mind critiquing any one of mine? Here is a [link] to one My gallery link is in my sig
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