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About Photography / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Aura DawnFemale/United States Groups :iconsharpenededge: SharpenedEdge
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What is your favorite medium that you enjoy Working with 

8 deviants said Digtal tablets, Adobie or other, comment on the program used
5 deviants said Pens, pencils, ink,
5 deviants said Digital, 3D, Comment on the program used. (mine is Poser & Lightwave)
1 deviant said Acrylic
1 deviant said Digital, mouse, Adobie, Comment on the progam use
No deviants said Oils
No deviants said Charcoal, chalk


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Aura Dawn
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
deviantWEAR sizing preference: extra small + tall
Print preference: 11X14
Favourite genre of music: Love songs
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams
Operating System: Win 7
Wallpaper of choice: My own
Personal Quote: Dive into Fantasy and Ride the Waves
  • Mood: Wow!
Friends, watchers, fellow artist.   Most of you have noticed that am an admin in a number of groups.   Why is this when supposedly highly support :iconsharpenededge:?

It is correct that my major focus is on My own group, SharpenedEdge   You will also see that am a co-founder in others, so why are not these my focus?
To run SharpenedEdge the way that dream says a group should be run, takes a lot of time.  Sometimes much more time then there is in a day.  Thankfully have two beautiful Co-founders that envision the same thing.   Because of the success am having with SharpenedEdge other artist that want to start a group will approach and ask to help them.  Because when took over my group had no real concept of what to do, when people ask,  it is the right thing to give them help since as said have been there myself.     There are a lot of things that need to be dealt with when starting, or taking over a group.  The most important is managing members which stays in the background.   You mess it up and all of a sudden you are flooded with peoples whole gallery in their first submission.   This is not good, neither for the artist, nor the group.   First the artist will only get a hand full of people who see their art and here they dropped it at the beginning.  Folders fill up, and then close and new folders have to be made.  Groups can only accept a certain number of pieces before a folder fills up and is closed for good.  so that artist becomes buried, and a lot of work approving it will over tax a new founder.

So as said, a number have come to me to help them.  If they have no concept of what they are doing with managing members, the only way to help them is to be given full control, without that no one else can set permissions.  Hence they make me co-founder.  Will tell the founder that it is only temporary, only until they catch on.  Just don't have the time to give total support full time.  Some of these new founders do not even know how to attract new members.  A nice logo and a nice "what we are about" only goes so far.  It has to be backed up.  This takes time and work and dedication.  Even if everything is set on automatic, things go wrong.  And besides why run a group where you don't support it?  Just a pet peeve.   The new founder will be instructed where to find the artist they want to attract,  they are told there are only so many join members request they can send and must be either declined or accepted or left to expire.  Until one of those three happens, you can't send out anymore except to replace those that have come back.    Have made different instructions so these new founders or their admin can find their way around a submission and it is freely given.   No thank you or recognition is asked for as well these new founders are asked to remove name from co-founder after a couple months.  If they choose to keep me on, that is their choice, but as far as am concerned, will only return to that group as a co-founder is if the founder messed up or DA messed up the manage members, or they get in a pickle.  In return for helping them get started it is also asked that they do not let work expire.  This is a futile suggestion.   It is doubtful they will succeed past three months before they throw in the towel.  

This is said because one founder, never approved the first piece, but had it automatic.  The last that checked he had not done anything but submit pictures,  not once sending out a join request, not once checking to see what the notes left to the group had to say.   Many joined that group because of seeing my name as a co-founder.  This bothered me, but nothing could do, other then withdraw leaving them stranded.  It really does bother me to do this.    There are only two groups that did not ask me to help them, which was an admin in before becoming founder of SharpenEdge.   One group, am co founder because used to help send all the new members thank you notes for joinging, this was not a simple task.  But she needed help.  Didn't ask for the position, just noticed one day that was the co founder.  apparently had said yes when asked though it must have been a moment of insanity.   Have asked that group to remove me from being an admin, but she doesn't want to do it.  It's ok, she has a ton of admin, but it takes a ton with every piece needing up to five votes to approve or decline a picture.  They close down on weekends just to catch up.  It is a very big group.   But like said, love what they do, but just don't have the time.  

Btw, That group is called :iconcreation-inspiration:   The other group that was active in before Taking over SharpenedEdge is :icon3d-artists:  A group dedicated to helping 3D artist learn 3D.   Had just become an admin in that group when my main group fell into my hands.

Then a strange thing happened.  The founder of a few years got married two months after becoming an admin, and a month after taking over SharpenedEdge.  We had about six working admin and her.  Since was the last admin, of course was on the bottom of the totem pole, and of course the 3D program that use, most 3D artist shun because it does offer models to buy or use, if you can't make your own.   Why it is shunned really don't understand, but it doesn't matter, my models and my work are my own, so screw them if they don't like my choice of software.  It isn't free but it did have an understandable interface.  Anyways getting back to 3D-artists.  The founder left in Sept, said she would be gone for a while.  Then for me hell broke loose and got real sick ending up for long time in hospital.  When came back out, thankfully this group was still running, though a rumor had gone around that was banned from DA cause of some reason, still really don't fathom, but hey my account was still here, so was my group so wasn't banned and still was a premium member, which was a relief after reading notes sent to the group by other members saying so.  Of course the admin didn't know what happened to me, and no way to tell them, but like said, they did the best they could, no one was declined, though comments had stopped.   But 3D Artist didn't fair so well.  The founder still has not returned, going on year two, or three, not sure.  All the other admin but one has vanished,  So here are the two junior admin trying to keep this big 3D group afloat.  Do you know what, even today, the two of us are still trying to keep it afloat because we don't want to see a learning site die.  Because we both are only bottom of the tier admin, we can't do a whole lot, but we try.

As for the rest of the groups that you see me as an admin in,  they are no longer my concern.  If the founder comes to me and shows they care about the group then will help them again, otherwise, sorry just don't have the time to see if submissions are in the right folder, if any genital is improperly exposed, or what ever.    

So please people, just because you see me associated with a group, don't take it as that group has the same beliefs SharpenedEdge does or that your work will be done timely.  What it means is they asked for and was given help,  One site that was a co founder in, didn't even care to see the art they displayed, but that didn't mean couldn't help them.   Just today one of my own pieces expired because of not being voted on in another group.  And yes, could have done it myself.  But that is not what am about nor should a group be about.   On SharpenedEdge, every admin, no matter the level, all have the ability to upload as often as they wish, and approve their own work.   So far no admin has approved their own work, or needed to,  So far, no admin has actually uploaded any more then any other member. 

So now you know why am an admin in so many groups.  But really only group matters.   Heck, don't even have time to submit own art to different groups anymore so sure don't have time to try and run other groups.  And of course, you know that will not endorse any of those groups without founder participation, so really only two groups will be endorsed,   But if someone really needs help will do the best to give them some aid, just don't expect long term commitment, and you better really need to have been an admin in another group so you understand the commitment.  There are to many groups that on deaths doorsteps to keep adding to them.

dragon: Elevit-Stock, mountains: fantom89, wastelands: resurgere | wroth, chains: ocd1c-stock, scroll: | ba1969, brushes: redheadstock & MouritsaDA-Stock; coding and graphics by kuschelirmel-stock


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Wish to thank those who helped the SharpenedEdge to reach their goal insuring the supergroup status for two years for the group SharpenedEdge, any points in excess will be used by the group for contest or such deemed by the group. Any points donated personally to me, will not be used for any purpose other then what want to use them for. I thank you also for making sure they were separate.


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vinzdream2006 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 ;) a simple hello to the new year
Aura-Dawn Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Many thanks, and when my new year rolls around, feb. 8th, may you have a happy new year.
vinzdream2006 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gabrix89 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for your beautiful comment ! I'm very happy to submit to your group! Unfortunately it's true, i don't take so much views and comments in this site, although i believe i made some great artworks!
Aura-Dawn Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
for a little over two years as a member of da never got one comment on a picture.  That is main reason when took over SharpenedEdge that wanted to comment on everyones pictures, and tell them why the comment was as it was.   Found out that when you start commenting on others then they seem to return the comment, though that wasn't the reason for doing it.  It takes time.  You have probably as many watchers as me, so really with the level of work that you do, you don't get nice comments.  I've seen art that is childish get fifty or more comments of how wonderful it is.   It don't make sense to me.  Really do enjoy you work and it makes me wish could do that good.
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