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What do you think about groups practices are on DA 

4 deviants said A way to view other art all in one place
2 deviants said A nice way to others to review and help you with your style of art
2 deviants said A nice consept but not a working model
1 deviant said A way for an Admin to play God
1 deviant said Don't know don't belong to a group
1 deviant said non of the above, please comment
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Don't know about the rest of the Artist on DA, but am sure becoming disillusioned by the groups here.  Don't know about anybody else but the reason belong to them is to find people that have similar taste in art.  Not so can brag about my own art, but to be able to ask questions, get advise, to share what little knowledge that have.  So tell, what is wrong with that though, surely something has to be.

When first become member of DA seven years ago it was because somebody asked me to show them my work.  For the next two years my work sat unseen by anyone but the people who wanted to see it and asked me for links. When view other peoples art saw all these page views and comments and wondered why could not get any, not that it mattered, but was really curious.  Then started a new type of art because the art was doing was taking way to long to create and wasn't accomplishing what needed to do.  3D was what figured needed so began working night and day trying my best to learn 3D.  Was near impossible to understand all the tech. talk so had to just try different things to see what happened and learn from that.  So eventually created my first 3D picture.  To me it was a beautiful piece cause it meant had succeeded in doing something.  But there was so much to learn and sure didn't have the money to pay for instructions.  Ah, now maybe understood what groups were for so joined, even became an admin in two.  One was huge and the other was medium size.  One was nice to their members, while the other really didn't seem to care.   They both held contest,  both seemed the same here, it was how popular you were to whether you won or not, not because your art fit the requirement best.  While the first group continued to grow because of how the admin treated the members, the 2nd group began to fail because of it's lack of caring. 

All the time with these two group taught me something, though not really what needed to know about my art.  Every now and then would leave a comment, or ask a question and would get a response, but never anything that could use.   So it began to don on me that maybe was member of wrong group, maybe need to try and find a 3D group, but my work wasn't good enough to join one.  Well that was crappy wasn't it.  Here wanted to learn 3D but couldn't join a group.   Then first part of last year was finally accepted into a 3D group, was even made an Admin.  Not because was good at 3D, but because knew how to say yes or no to submissions and they needed someone.  Well better then nothing.  

This was the 3rd group that belong to in five years.  But still hadn't got any advise, and that was what wanted, but being an admin for a failing group and now the 3D group that went strictly by the rules, no deviation from them taught me something, taught me how lacking groups were, how cold they were.  They didn't care about the members, they only cared about the page views, but why?  They don't get anything for increasing membership or the number of page views.  The only thing can figure out is that they puff out their chest being able to claim theirs is bigger then the others,  Oh yea,  mine gets more traffic then yours.  So what is the big deal?   Does the group generate traffic for the artist, maybe?   Know it didn't generate any for me. 

Well finally the 3D group that was an admin in did finally accept a picture of mine,  WAIT?  what do you mean I have to put it in the junk folder because used Poser to make it.  The work is mine.   What you mean 3D artist don't consider Poser a 3D program worth acknowledging.  OK so some people abuse it and only recreate scenes they buy or only use it for big tits women.  You trying to tell me people of other 3D programs don't do that either,  or are you telling me that all my hard work making the work my own isn't worth it?  Yup that is what your telling me.  So then nobody is going to help me learn?

Five years ago thought hey maybe if paid for full membership would be able to get critiques, then could learn.  Does anyone besides me know that is a big rip off.  You don't get Critiques with paid membership.  You get the privilege of having that box below a picture that says Critiques, nothing more.   In the five years that have been a paid member, have got about that many critiques, and then only because asked people to do it for me.   Have given 25 myself.  Isn't that a good way to learn by getting critiques.  Well can caulk that up to a wasted thought.

Well maybe now since my gallery has grown and so has my page views maybe can join some more groups.  Well am not a member of 39 groups,  five of them am admin in, though didn't ask to be, they just promoted me in two of them.  Don't have time to be active in them, so please remove me.   No just vote when can, is what they say.

Anyways out of the 34 groups that am just a member, over half of them continously decline my work.  Almost all of the 3D groups do.  Why?  lack of quality, a little mistake here, or there.  Honestly, no real reason.  Isn't that why joined the group so someone can help me see the problems and then help instruct me on how to fix them.  Well you sure can't get help if you can't get anyone to look at your work.  Oh now a couple of the groups have a critique folder.  The ones that did accept my work into that folder, well still waiting for a critique.   Do groups really care how much time it takes to upload a picture to a particular folder, then have to wait for eons of time to have it either declined or expire.  It's got to the point, that just don't give a damn about groups any more.  Don't need some puffed up admin telling me how unfit and very degrading tones when ask why they declined my work.  Why in the hell did they accept my membership?  Was it cause they want some fresh meat to slam.   In every group that declines the work submitted to them, can go through their gallery and find work with less quality then mine.  It all depends on the admins who look at it.  If they see the word poser, you not getting it approved.  Leave out the name of the program, your not getting it approved. 

That is another thing about 3D groups.  Why must credit be given to the damn program you use?  Paid for license to use the the software, it's not a trial that must have the name stamped all over it.  They aren't paying me to advertise for them, so why name it.  Do these groups get kick backs, if so let me in on it, damn do need the extra money too you know.  After all the five to six hundred they charged me sure made a big dent in my budget for a year.  If somebody wants to know what use to create my picture with, let them ask me.   No we know why you want us to name our software.  It's so you can discriminate against us.  You not find T&A in my gallery.  You will find only a couple pictures of a model that did not build myself.  Yet you require me to give credit to myself or you will decline it.  That is bull.   By requiring us to put all this info on our work, you take away any possibility for correspondence between two 3D artist.  No body is going to comment on mine telling me they like the hair style, by the way where did I get it.   Your jabbing me in the foot by requiring it.  Unless someone says something, there is no way in the world that know if it is good, bad or what.  All you let me believe is how crummy it is.

People many of you wonder why :iconsharpenededge: comments on peoples works, why we would rather move a piece then decline it.  One group that know will resubmit it, but that takes a lot of time.  Would rather comment then take the time to resubmit.  besides moving a piece at the end of the day only takes a few moments.  The reason we do comment on every piece is so that the artist can have a little piece of mind that the work they do is appreciated.  That there is a group our there doesn't take the artist for granted, and would like to see them grow.  Not everyone can afford a graphic's tutor or class.    There has to be one group at least that shows some respect for the artist.   Some people don't care for this respect and just want a place to hang their work.   But who knows, maybe one day our popularity will be enough that people looking for artists will come here first.  A dream yes, but anything can happen.  That was proven when took over a dead group and turned it into a thriving group that others enjoy.

This is my rant for the Year.


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